Tramp Corpse Productions

Welcome one and all to the show...

So here we are on a website huh? My Name is Chris Caldwell and I seem to do a lot of stuff to the half way point and then give up.  This is site is a way of documenting all that crap.  There's some of My Art on here.  A few Videos of Short Films I've made and hope to make.  There's some songs I've been involved in one way or another and I'll Probably put up some of the better photos I've taken.

Some of the Recent stuff I've had a go at is Writing a sit-com and writing a Horror Movie.  Its funny too because I don't even particularly like writing, but for some reason I have ideas and what not and have to get them out through the laborious process of  writing.  Horror movies and comedy are 2 passions of mine, I watch a lot of both and i'm not fussy who or where it comes from I'll give it a try.  

So have a look around see what you think and hopefully you'll enjoy it!



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