Tramp Corpse Productions


This is a film i made as an entry for the 1 minute film comp for the Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival.  It was supposed to be shown but alas was not.  So now it is here for the world to see! taa daaah!

ChilliFest 2011

We went to ChilliFest 2011 in Belfast.  I took some video.  This is it.

Dead Quiet

This is a Short Horror film that my brother and i made in a day.  We wrote, directed, acted, edited, yadda, yadda the whole thing.  Its about 5 years old and Youtube has opted to put a massive black bar the whole way around the frame of it but its worth 14 mins 58 sec watch i guess.


I got a wee Kodak Zx1 HD camera and this was the first video i made to try it out.  Edited using Windows Movie Maker

Walkers Xtreme

This was made when i was studying Sound Engineering at college in Perth, Scotland.  A lot of fun to make!


A Tramp Corpse Production