Tramp Corpse Productions


This is a wee script i wrote for a short for the ABC's of death comp. Basically the short has to start and end on something red and be based on some-thing beginning with T. Oh and it has to have a death in it. As you can see i chose tampons. its pretty gruesome little piece and the first thing like this that I've written.

          INT. Bathroom. Close up of a girls fingers covered in blood

          as an ear piercing scream fills the air.

          Medium shot of a young girl still screaming stood with her

          nightie on blood patch at crotch level holding her hand up

          in disgust.

          Her Mother runs in then stops at the door frame and looks at

          the little girl in front of her. She looks worried

          initially.  The Father approaches behind the mother also

          worried. He grabs her shoulders as worried expressions turn

          to pride. The stand with the father behind the mother in the

          door frame  as the mother puts her hand up to her shoulder

          where its met by the fathers hand as the look at one another

          and then at the little girl.


                    Our little girl has finally become

                    a woman.

          SCENE 2

          Close up on a box of tampons as the camera pulls out and we

          see that the mother is carrying the box into the wee girls

          room. She wakens the little girl by pulling the curtains



                    A little welcome pack on your first

                    day of becoming a woman.

          Her older brother Derek comes in.


                    Annie's had her period. Euwwwwww!

                    You've left your rotting blood mess

                    all over the bathroom bin. Its a

                    crimson mass in there, it looks

                    like a bloody abattoir.


                    Derek shut up this is a very trying

                    time for your sister. She's going

                    through puberty very early. The

                    journey to womanhood is never easy.


                    Dirty girls bleeding for a week and

                    not dying.


                    Oh shush you

          Closes door over as she shoves Derek out.

          SCENE 3

          WIDE: ext. Brother comes by with his friends and sees his

          sister sitting on the grass with her doll playing. He grabs

          it off her and him and his friends toss it to one another.


                    I thought now you're a big girl you

                    didn't need dolls any more. I

                    thought you'd have plenty of boys

                    to play with. Every Tom, Dick and

                    Harry will be around here trying to

                    get into you.

          Him and his friends laugh as they eventually drop the doll

          into a nearby oil can. The girl fishes it out and it's

          covered in red oil.

          SCENE 4

          CLOSE UP: girls mouth open and shouting


                    Mum! Muuuuum! Muum! It's happening


          The mum rushes into the bathroom the cupboards are open the

          girl is obviously distressed. Her nightie soaked in red



                    Where are your tampons?

          The brother comes in and sees the blood. He's sick over the

          sister. She begins crying.


                    I'm, I'm sorry it's just so

                    disgusting. She's



                    Just get out of're not


          WIDE: of the bathroom door as the brother leaves and the mum

          slams it shut.

          SCENE 5

          MEDIUM: son lying on his bed with his mother sat in it

          taking to him earnestly.  We can hear the Girl crying In her



          Go and tell you sister you're sorry and that it's OK. You

          two were so close before all this business started.


                    It was here started it. Next her

                    dirty pillows will start to show.

                    My friends have already started

                    talking about...

          CLOSE UP: the brothers face a little shocked as she appears

          in the doorway with a pair of scissors dangling from her

          fingers and I teddy in the other hand.


          he points at her in the doorway



                    Apologise Derek. I've had enough of

                    all this. You're just being

                    nasty.its not my fault.


                    I'll not say sorry. She's a filthy

                    little whore now.


                    you will be sorry Derek.  I'll make

                    you sorry...

          The mother gets up sighs and escorts the girl from the room

          as the little girl looks over her shoulder and snips the

          scissors in her hands.

          SCENE 6

          The Parents are dressed up and on their way out the door.


          Talking to Derek.

                    OK Derek, you've got our mobile

                    numbers if anything happens and

                    I've left £20 on the kitchen table

                    for take-away. we'll be home no

                    later than 11:30. Oh and Derek...




                    Be nice to your sister. It's a hard

                    enough time for any young lady

                    without all the extra stress you've

                    been putting on her. She's up in

                    her bed so just let here sleep and

                    check on her every hour or so.

          The parents leave out the front door. Derek picks up his

          mobile and pushes a button then puts it to his ear.


                    Yo Hammy...

          The mum opens the door again and shouts:


                    ...and no friends over while we're


          Derek looks startled as the door slams shut and he says into

          the phone:


                    Right they're away! tell everyone

                    to be here in 15 minutes.

                                        The little girl wakes up and low thudding music is heard in

          the back ground. She gets up and takes her teddy and the

          scissors with her as she heads down stairs. The camera

          follows her as she enters the kitchen. Derek and his friends

          are there having a party. As she enters Derek turns around

          and shouts:


                    NOW EVERYBODY!

          As she looks round him and all his friends are dipping her

          tampons into their red coloured drinks and sucking the booze

          off the soaking tampons.


                    These Tampons are only for dirty

                    little girls anyway. Plus you've

                    got plenty left

          Derek points over to a wall of Tampon boxes on the table top

          as some-one throws her red soaked teddy through the boxes,

          knocking them all over. The teddy lands on the ground.  The

          little girl rushes over and picks it up.

          CLOSE UP:the little girls hands holding the red soaked teddy

          The little girl covers her ears and screams.

          WIDE:ext of the house. The brother is seeing all his friends

          out as they laugh and joke. Derek can be heard saying:


                    sorry she won't stop whining but my

                    Mum and dad will be back soon

                    anyway so you guys had to leave.

          SCENE 7

          A car pulls into the drive. The parents get out.

          The camera follows the parents as they enter the darkened

          house. The mother enters first and goes ahead to the kitchen

          that's along the hall and on the left. While the father

          stays in the hall taking his coat off and hanging it up

          along with the car keys. The camera stays with the Dad. He

          hears a scream from the kitchen and rushes to it as his wife

          passes him coming back out and throws up on the hall carpet.


                    what the...

          The dad covers his mouth as he looks down and sees his son

          spread out on the kitchen floor with the little girl kneeled

          beside him facing the father.  The sons crotch is bloodied

          and his severed cock lies on the lino floor. 10's of

          discarded Tampon boxes litter the floor also and the blood

          on his crotch area is being soaked up by hundreds of matted

          tampons. The little girl looks up at her disgusted father

          with the teddy in one hand and the scissors in the other all

          covered in blood and says;


                    look Daddy now both of us have to

                    use tampons!